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Emiliano Ron has traveled the world on his rope.


A tireless spirit and his  particular lifestyle have taken him to places as diverse as India, Sweden, Palestine, Israel, USA, Mexico, Austria, Argentina, Germany, Colombia, UK, Italy, Hungary, France, China, Costa Rica, Greece, Belgium,Brazil, Iceland , etc.


 With an academic background in Cinematography Arts (Editor and Director of Photography) and his passion for martial arts, punk rock, books and skateboarding, he decided to give up everything and become a circus performer.


He has  become a living legend of the Rope,  and divides his profession as an artist and teacher; The creation of new movements and the development of an eccentric, unique and particular style. A rope freak.


Raw, wild, brutal and different.


Endless Rope Tour 2017:  Barcelona/Goa/Mumbai/Chicago/Stockholm/Torino/London/Berlin/Rio/Buenos Aires/Pescara/Bruxelles/San Jose/Sheffield/Caceres/Valladolid/Madrid/Monterrey/Kansas/Las Vegas/San Francisco/Dallas/New York/Santa Cruz/Seattle/Los Angeles/Paris/St.Nazaiere/Menorca/Istanbul/Hong Kong/Dublin/Manchester/…